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Improper Posture & Gadget Usage can lead to severe PAIN!

But there is a way out with Alleviate


Work Healthier

A bouquet of ergonomic essentials for pain free working with  upright posture

Modern Learning

Compromised postures during E-Learning pose a severe threat to the tender musculoskeletal structure of kids.

Mitigate these risks by providing the right tools for maintaining healthy postures.

Choose Alleviate 

Logo Design

Be Remebered

Leave a lasting remembrance for your customers & employees with our Co-branding solutions

Fancy Box


Switch to Healthy Gifting for your employees and near & dear ones

Anilkumar Karimbanakkal

'This is the best laptop stand in India so far I have seen due to its immaculate design & stunned with its build quality.'


Shivkumar Sethuraman

'RevDHYAN laptop stand is a perfect fit as the laptop is in level to your eye sight and the sitting posture.'

Harsh Dubey

'Beautifully designed, sleek look, light weight, fold-able and easy to carry. It’s a must have for IT people.'
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