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Working on Laptop

About Us

Alleviate ushers you into the world of Ergonomics by providing a healthy alternative for using electronic gadgets and building a productive workplace.

A wide range of exquisite premium products which allow users to maintain an upright posture, relieving unwarranted stress on the sensitive musculoskeletal structure.

Unabated use of electronic devices without right ergonomic aids has ushered in a spate of musculoskeletal disorders like back pain, spondylitis, migraine, neck pain etc. These ailments lead to severe pain and suffering, something which only the patient can explain!

Our patented products assure you of an unparallel experience by transforming the way you use your gadgets. These ultrasleek and featherlight products can be easily carried along. Be it home or office, cafe or airport, you can enjoy working and being your productive best.

Hybrid, WFH or Office, your laptop will always be in an ergonomic position. At the same time your neck will not hurt while watching a web series, online lecture, match or a video call on your mobile


Possibilities are Many. 

Benefits are Plenty.


But we are only one its kind!!!

Explore the quality products from the House of Revergon Solutions

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