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  • Ergo Promise


    • Keeps wrist and forearm in neutral position
    • Avoids muscular strain while holding and moving the mouse
    • Helpful in preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

    Crossover Vertical Mouse

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    The Crossover mouse is an ideal mouse to transition from a conventional mouse to a vertical mouse.


    The plug and play wireless mouse gives excellent support and facilitates your hand a preferred position, relieves wrist joint pressure and lowers the risk of cramping. 


    Built for gamers and designers, the PRF wireless mouse makes hours of device use and work easy and bearable.


    • Number of buttons: 5
    • Resolution (cursor speed): 800/1200/1600 DPI
    • Plug & play
    • Right or Left Hand
    • Compact and Sleek
    • Reduced grip force
    • Wireless Operation Range: 15m

    *All products carry 1year warranty unless specified otherwise.

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