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  • Ergo Promise


    By mounting your laptop on RevDhyan - Laptop Stand and using it with an external keyboard & mouse, we can save ourselves from


    • Cervical problems caused due to stained neck positions and excessive bending of neck
    • Hunched shoulders, for they are in more open and relaxed positions
    • Spine issues because the back need not bend now to view the screen
    • Eye Strain, as the distance between the eyes and screen can be increased
    • Inappropriate postures, as you wouldn't be tempted to jump onto your sofa or bed while using your laptop



    RevDHYAN - Laptop Stand

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    A minimalistic design for right way of working on your laptop


    This minimalistic design product, crafted from a single piece allows you to place your laptop in a manner where you can achieve the desired height for your laptop screen. So no unwarranted bending of neck or hunching of shoulders.


    With relaxed positions of your neck and shoulders, this laptop stand will allow you to work with higher concentration, living up to its name.


    By design this laptop stand can hold even 15.6 inches laptop comfortably. Being a very light weight and sleek product it leaves enough space in your bags to carry an external keyboard and mouse along.


    Some salient features:

    • Ultra light weight yet sturdy
    • Sleek, thinner than your laptop
    • Foldable to fit into our laptop bag
    • Screen height elevation up to “8” inches
    • 5 height adjustment options
    • Stable & anti skid pads
    • Slots for keeping your wires well arranged

    Try it today with our 30 days hassle free return policy.

    *All products carry 1year warranty unless specified otherwise.

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