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    RevSAMBHAV - Mobile Stand helps you prevent


    • Excessive neck flexion that is bending of neck
    • Hunching of shoulders as you need not bring them closer to hold the mobile
    • Unwarranted strain on fingers, wrists & arms
    • Inappropriate postures, with mobile placed in a proper position, you can sit upright

    RevSambhav - Mobile Stand

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    Designed keeping in mind how fast children grow, RevSAMBHAV is the ideal ergonomic mobile stand for them. Not to say that adults can’t use it!


    Be it watching videos or video calls, now place your mobile at an elevated height in landscape or portrait, desk or table, anywhere you like, without hurting your neck & back.


    Some salient features:

    • Ultra light weight, made of aluminum
    • Sleek, only as thick as your phone
    • Foldable to let you carry it along
    • Height elevation of 4.5 inches
    • Slots to keep your wires organized

    Ideal for :

    • Binge watching
    • Online lectures
    • Recording own videos
    • Browsing social media
    • Zoom Calls


    What seemed impossible till now has been made possible with RevSAMBHAV!

    Try it today with our 30 days hassle free return policy.

    *All products carry 1year warranty unless specified otherwise.

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