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    By mounting our monitors on the monitor arm, you can save ourselves from

    • Cervical problems as now the screen can move freely to adapt to your line of sight
    • Hunched shoulders, for they are in more open and relaxed positions
    • Spine issues, because the back need not bend now to view the screen
    • Eye Strain, the viewing angle can be easily adjusted along with the distance between the eyes and screen
    • Inappropriate postures, for you would now be motivated to work on a desk

    Single Monitor Arm - Premium

    SKU: 4015
    ₹21,499.00 Regular Price
    ₹18,499.00Sale Price
    Taxes Included |

    The single-monitor arm mount is height adjustable and provides a full range of motion. It has an integrated cable management system for a clean appearance. As a result it help in better performance, comfort, and convenience which makes it ideal for your workplace.

    • Single Monitor Arm
    • Height Adjustable
    • Cable Management System
    • Quick Installation
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Height Range: 17-50 cm
    • Carrying Capacity: 2-9 kg
    • Weight: 3 Kg

    *All products carry 1year warranty unless specified otherwise.

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